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Munchkin Wonder Waterway Bath Toy

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Make bath time the best time with Wonder Waterway from Munchkin! This engaging and innovative toy is an ideal addition to you little one's bath time routine to keep them occupied and happy, as well nurture healthy hand eye coordination development in your child. Wonder Waterway from Munchkin features three stackable cute characters that can be used individually or together to create a wonderous tower that spreads water through the chambers. With moving parts and mechanisms that use water in diffferent ways, this unique water toy is guaranteed to keep your little one content and engaged during bath time! Munchkin Wonderful Waterway Bath Toy, 3 Pieces


Instructions:ÂTo Use: Link to create waterway with spiral chamber, tumble beads, and spinner wheels.Slide penguin up to create scoopWater flows down spiral slideBeads float and rattleWater floats through wheel.To clean:Rinse with water and allow to air dry.