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Boon CARE Health and Grooming Kit

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PARENT LIKE A SUPERHERO. Okay, so technically you can’t see the future. But if you could, you would see yourself using every single incredibly useful item in this kit. And you would win Parent of the Year for having them all on hand. Included are a quick read thermometer, silicone toothbrush, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon and cradle cap brush. Each is brilliantly designed for optimal function and tucks neatly into a sturdy, zippered pouch. Shazam!
  • • 6 piece kit includes quick read thermometer, silicone toothbrush, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon and cradle cap brush • Includes zippered bag for storage • High-quality materials and innovation on every item • Recommended age | 0M+ • Made without BPA or PVC
  • THERMOMETER- You’ll always worry about them (that’s your job). But now you won’t worry as long. Our 8-second quick read thermometer takes a temp lickety-split and features a flexible tip for maximum comfort. Oral, rectal or underarm use.
  • SILICONE TOOTHBRUSH - It’s never too early for good oral hygiene (even before the chompers start coming in). This brilliant little 3-in-1 marvel has a slit to hold gauze for gum cleaning, comes apart to be used as a finger toothbrush, and can be held normally for gently massaging budding baby teeth.
  • NASAL ASPIRATOR - In the realm of gross things new parents get to experience, sucking snot out of your child’s nose really isn’t all that bad. And our nasal aspirator will make it as easy and pleasant as humanly possible.
  • MEDICINE SPOON - Someday, they will take medicine only while kicking and screaming. Until that day, you have this nifty trick up your sleeve. The soft spoon tip easily removes for filling the syringe then allows you to dispense a small amount of medicine with their favorite food.
  • NAIL CLIPPERS - If the thought of cutting your child’s nails makes you nervous enough to chew yours, we have just the thing. Our trimmer is brilliantly designed with a bumper to prevent cutting of skin and features a large loop handle for secure gripping. Snip, snip, hooray!


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